Industry in Turkey

Industry in Turkey

Turkey occupies an important industrial and commercial center in the Middle East, and it leads to the creation of various, wide and varied job opportunities for the Turks and other people who live in the Turkish Republic, and the industry is one of the most important and most important economic sectors relied upon in the Republic, as the gross product depends on it in a way big.

The most famous Turkish industries:

Turkey is famous for a number of industries, as follows:

The automotive industry: The Turkish Republic includes a group of large companies specialized in manufacturing vehicles in general, and among its most prominent companies are BMC, Autoca and Timsa, and it is worth mentioning that the company was able to produce more than 1.225 million cars in 2008 AD, and thus ranked fifth among the countries The world, and it is reported that the majority of its manufacturers are located in a region called Marmara.

Multiple units industry: Turkish companies produce a range of multiple units such as trains and cars.

Steel and iron industry: The Turkish Republic is ranked eighth among the countries specialized in steel production, as steel production reached about 29 million tons during the year 2013 AD, and the production of raw casting in the Republic amounted to about 34.1 million tons in 2011 AD.

Science and Technology: (TUBiTAK) is classified as a leading agency in the field of science and technology development, as it is one of the most important and prominent policies used for Turkish innovation, and it contains a group of other companies specialized in various scientific fields such as Tuba, and TAIC that specializes in nuclear energy studies in the Republic Turkish.

Handicrafts in Turkey:

There are many skilled craftsmen in the Turkish Republic despite the entry of modern machinery into all industries, meaning that craftsmen still make a lot of handicrafts that attract tourists to buy original gifts, and there is no doubt that all of these crafts and skills are linked to a long history over the years, which is due To the era of the Ottoman Empire, the most important handicrafts famous in the Republic include:

Carpet weaving: is one of the important things to complete the home décor, and although the carpets are currently manufactured through modern and advanced machines, some Turkish women have the ability to weave the carpets manually, and they also have the ability to make some wonderful local decorations that have a positive impact on the decoration and design .

Making pottery: As the locals take mud from the Red River from the town of Avanos with the aim of making pots and dishes distributed throughout the Turkish Republic, there is no doubt that modern machines for making cooking utensils have had a negative impact on trade and production processes.

Making baklava in Gaziantep: located on the edge of the plains in Mesopotamia, and although this region manufactures its products slowly through the local bazaar and side streets, the owners of the crafts still control the region, and industrial quality.
The jewelry embroidery industry in the Turkish Republic: It is a threatened industry, and its future is unknown. It is also a well-known industry in Mardin and Pazary Bay. This industry requires working on very thin chips of silver or gold in order to make jewelry and jewelry with beautiful inscriptions and cloves.

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