Button Shape Chocolate Making Machine

Roller depositor is designed to form button-shaped chocolates which are later coated with sugar syrup. Cooled forming drums with cavities on their surface shapes the chocolate lentils.

Button Shape Chocolate Making Machine

Button Shape Chocolate Making Machine


  • Completely made of AISI304 and AISI420 grade stainless steel.
  • With level sensors to control the chocolate feeding.
  • Single pair of rollers mounted on the frame.
  • To increase production capacity up to 3 pair of rollers can be coupled on single frame.
  • Web removing device CFC free rubber insulated with evaporator and condenser.
  • Crust collecting pans.
  • Water jacketed forming rollers.
  • Forming rollers length 600mm.
  • All rotation speeds are adjustable.
  • Production capacity 200kg./h. (depends of adjusted speeds and cavity)
  • Total power consumption 380V 4KW.


The liquid chocolate mass is poured between the cooled forming drums of the forming macinery. Chocolate is formed, due to the cavities on the surface of the drums. The chocolate dragee forming machine is designed specially for chocolate, which is coated with sugar solution on the final stage of the production. Forming rollers are water jacketed and cooled by circulated cold liquid supplied from a chiller. The chocolate mass passing between the drums obtains the shape but it is in the form of net, the solid product is conveyed to the web removing device, where the crusts are cracked and the button-shaped chocolate form is smoothened. The web removing drum is with evaporator and condenser which allows to hold inside device cool.

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