Caramel Cooking Machine

Batch type caramel cooking plant. Steam cooker with vacuum pump, takeoff reservoir, heat exchanger, fondant beater and caramel storage tank.

Caramel Cooking Machine

Caramel Cooking Machine


  • Completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel.
  • Mixing arms are with Teflon scrapers.
  • Agitator is with adjustable speed.
  • HMI and PLC controlled.
  • Lobe type stainless steel pump.
  • Discharging point to buckets.
  • Total power consumption 380V 14KW.


The main component of the caramel manufacturing plant is caramel cooker. Cooker is hemispheric and it is with Teflon scrapers. Agitation speed of the cooker is adjustable. Caramel cooking plant is equipped with HMI and PLC. Water jacketed takeoff reservoir with agitation, heat exchanger with helix rotor, fondant beater, vacuum pump and storage tank are other components of the plant. Fondant beater is required for the fondant manufacturing process.

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