Chocolate Coating Cabin

Automated chocolate film coating equipment. It is high capacity panning machine which is replacement of coating pan. Designed for those who want to switch from manual chocolate coating process to automated.

Chocolate Coating Cabin

Chocolate Coating Cabin


  • Made of AISI304 grade stainless steel, aluminum and engineering plastics.
  • Side discs are made of FDA approved engineering plastics.
  • Dripping body made of aluminum, protected against over pressure.
  • PID controlled 24V heating elements.
  • Front lid with gas springs.
  • Reversible main drive of the belt for easy discharging.
  • Heated fron scraper.
  • Pneumatically activated back scrapers.
  • External dehumidified cold air is required.
  • Chocolate storage tank with pump is required.
  • Hot air blower for smoothing process.
  • PLC and HMI controlled.
  • Row material loading capacity 240lt.
  • Total power consumption 380V 4.1KW.


Coating cabin is automatic chocolate coating machine. It is used to cover various centers with chocolate, chocolate-flavored compounds or other fat based liquids. All kind of articles with shape capable of being rolled can be coated with chocolate by using the belt coater. Chocolate spraying nozzles are used for lightweight centers like puffed rice and cereals. Dripping body, front scraper, distribution body and flexible hoses of the coating cabin are with PID controlled heating elements. All heaters are 24V for safety reasons. Dripping body is protected with pressure sensor to prevents damages releated to over pressure.

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