Chocolate Panning Machine

Coating pans for syrup coating, chocolate coating or polishing applications, rotation speed of the coating pan can be changed via a VFD. Heater and blower can be assembled to the panner.

Chocolate Panning Machine

Chocolate Panning Machine


  • Completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel.
  • Pan diameter 800mm.
  • Pan rotation speed adjustable.
  • Variable angled spinning post.
  • Dimmer controlled heating and air blowing.
  • Top lid with gas spring.
  • Each time pan stops at same position.
  • Pneumatically activated discharging lid.
  • Row material loading capacity 80lt.
  • Total power consumption 220V 3.4KW.


Coating pans are used to coat confectionery centers or roasted nuts with candy shell or chocolate. Rotation speed of the pan can be adjusted via VFD. Heating element and blower can be assembled to panning machine. Heating element’s resistance and blower’s air flow rate can be adjusted via dimmers. Flexible aluminum end for the air blowing inside the pan. We recommend using ribbed pan to be used for polishing cycle as sliding is expected while revolving. Ribs inside coater will assist the product to roll.

Machine pan is usually used for coating of high or low density centers like; cocoa lentils, hazelnuts, pistachio, crisppy rice and similar. Machine device is with tilting mechanism which allows easy discharging and variable working angle. Machine is equipped with adjustable limit switchs and working angle switch. Working angle switch will allow each time to stop on required angle when engrossing is going to be performed. The limit switchs will prevent any crash with the other components of the machine and will allow to stop each time of discharging at same angle. Pan is equipped with VFD (variable frequency drive) and its acceleration and deceleration time is tuned to protect sprockets inside the gearbox against damage. Stainless steel or painted black steel frame.

Coat your nuts on completely made of AISI304 stainless steel coating pans.

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