Cookies Depositor Machine

Basic concept of the depositor is to combine two different colored biscuit dough with cream filling. Wire cutting, guillotine cutting and diaphragm cutting are dough forming devices which can be assembled to the machinery.

Cookies Depositor Machine

Cookies Depositor Machine


  • Top dough feeding drums are made of engineering plastics.
  • Top dough feeding drums are with variable speed.
  • Sliding vane type main dough feeders.
  • Main dough feeders are made of hard crome coated black steel.
  • Main dough feeders are with variable speed.
  • Gear type cream feeding pump with variable speed.
  • Possibility to work on continuous or ON/OFF regime.
  • Vertical adjustment feature of the depositing body.
  • Wire cutting feature.
  • Guillotine cutting feature.
  • Diaphragm cutting feature.
  • Designed for 800mm belt width of a tunnel oven.
  • Belt type of the tunnel oven should be CB5 articulated wire mesh or steel belt.
  • Total power consumption 380V 8KW.
  • capacity 1200kg./h.


Machine is specially designed for manufacturing of cookies with micronized liquid filling inside. Double colored wire cutting cookies or guillotine cutten bar type center filled cookies also can be manufactured. VF serie machines are equipped with reciprocating shuttle conveyor. Fed trays are vertically conveyed to the product flow. Combination of depositor, retractable conveyor and tray conveyor is suitable for semi-automatic production as for baking rotary type oven is used. Thanks to transverse feature, optimized row distance achieves higher capacity. In case oven tunnel is used for baking we recommend the belt to be sheet metal or CB5 articulated wire mesh, other types of belts may break the dough shell and may cause leak of center filling. Machine is with vertical head adjustment which allows variable conveyor to nozzle distance. For different dough cutting styles nozzle to conveyor distance should be adjusted.

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