Cooling Tunnel

It is totally made of Inox 304 material. Driven by reducer, showered by pump circulation, complete with control panel, upper side totally covered. Including collection tanks with level control, Samson on-off check valve at vapor inlet, outlet condenstop. Pre Heating – Cooling – Drying

Cooling Tunnel

Cooling Tunnel


  • Total Length: 13.200 mm.
  • Conveyor Belt length: 12.000 mm.
  • Total Width: 2.450 mm. (Band width 2000mm)
  • Total Height: 2.440 mm.
  • Conveyor belt height: 1.030 mm.
  • Material used: AISI 304 quality Body
  • Hair Thickness: 3 mm.
  • Cover Thickness: 1.2 mm.
  • Hood Thickness: 2 mm.
  • Engine Power: Total 12-15 kW. (Approx.)
  • Conveyor Belt : MODULAR TYPE P.P BAND
  • Pump : Lowara /Ebara
  • Gearbox – Variator: Motovario – Bonfiglioli – Yılmaz Drying
  • Fan : 1 fan in a fully insulated cabinet.
  • Input-Output Band: 114mm. 2500mm with inox link band. Input band single, outlet band double row
  • Control Panel: It includes all digital control devices, level controls and shaft material in the panel made of AISI304 material.


Cooling systems are pasteurized, cooled, filled and used as a storable product.

The cooling systems of the products moving on a modular band are cooled by the water sprayed from specially produced nozzles (shower system). Balancing tank(s), valves, filter systems, easy-opening covers and recognizing adjustable profile feet are on.

This whole system is controlled and controlled fully automatically by a main panel.

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