Centrifugal Cream Separators serves to make cream and skim milk, to obtain some cream from whey or sweet-cream buttermilk, and to standardize milk and milk products to a desired fat content. It is applied in the industrial manufacture of nearly all dairy products.

The purpose of this step is to separate milk into cream and skim milk. All incoming raw milk is passed hrough separators, which are essentially high-speed entrifuges. They separate milk into lighter cream fraction and heavier skim milk fraction. A separator of adequate bowl capacity should collect all the slime material containing heavy casein particles, leukocytes, larger bacteria, body cells from cow’s udder, dust and dirt particles, and hair. If the particulate fraction of raw milk is not removed, homogenized milk will develop sediment upon storage. Skim milk and cream are stored separately for further processing.

Use of a separator also permits fractionation of whole milk into standardized milk (or skim milk, low-fat milk) and cream. Skim milk should normally contain 0.01% fat or less. Standardization valve on the separator permits the operator to get separated milk of predetermined fat content. Increased back pressure on cream discharge port will increase fat content in standardized milk.By blending cream and skim milk fractions, various fluid milk and cream products of required milk fat content can be produced.




  • It provides opportunity to clean your equipment without being required to disassemble completely thanks to CIP system.
  • All parts which contact with the product are manufactured out of stainless steel material in high quality in compliance with the food regulations.
  • The main body of the separator is covered with sheet metal and your product is protected against corrosion with extra precaution in several applications.
  • The most delicate production methods are preferred to be used by applying the control procedures of highest quality.
  • It provides control opportunity with the frequency control device.
  • It has characteristics to control without requiring the operator control thanks to its automatic discharge system.
  • Debit and pressure settings in product inputs and outputs are controllable.
  • It can be easily carried on its own chassis.
  • It is easily removable and fixable.
  • It can be constantly controlled by adapting flow meter or similar control tools on the equipment.

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