It is used to condense tomato paste in large factories. The continuous evaporator is specifically designed for obtaining high-quality tomato paste. The unit can process ultra-viscosity products. It uses one series of multi-effect evaporators, each effect includes: a liquid steam separation chamber, a recycling pump, vertical tubes, tubular heat exchangers In a wrapper with recycling to the top.

  • It is able to work for more than 45 days without stopping.
  • Starting and shutting down are controlled by the PC/PLC system.
  • Low temperature reduces damages which are caused by overcooking.
  • Since the heat exchanger is constantly wet, burn risks are reduced.




  • Capacity 100-120 tons/day Pepper Dimensions 5700 x 5700Xh8900mm. Power 80Kw.
  • Water Consumption. 100-120 tons/hour (16-18C)
  • Steam consumption 6000kg/hour (dry and saturated steam boiler output 10-12 Atm machine input 2 Atm is required.)


It is coupled with evaporator, serpentine and preparative four layered type flanges. The serpentine and preparative have a piped system. The slots, rotary pipes, whole product lines, valves, the parts which contact with product are manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel. The serpentine part is double line special pipe bandaged and all of those surfaces are specially polysaged. The top preparatory effect is heated with vertical pipe and dead vapor. The platform is two-graded and mounted with each other. Each platform is enclosed with railings and connected with each other through the stairs. The watching and cleaning manholes exist. The intermediate condenser is manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel and damper system separator.

The main condenser is manufactured from ST37 iron material, insulating painted and fractional water level controls are provided pressured level transmitters.

2 Vacuum pumps monoblock body (Azim) and 1 centrifuge pump (Standard) are coupled to be in a complete unit.


  • Level control: In our evaporator, lower and upper product level controls are provided pressured level transmitters.
  • Product passing valves: pneumatic rating product valve is used.
  • Brix control: The Brix control is carried out by RELCO brand CR100 type electronic refractometer the most preciously.

ELECTRICAL & CONTROL PANEL: In a panel manufactured from AISI 304 quality stainless steel; reducer, pumps and power circuits of all of other parts, cables, contactor and thermics are siemens telemechaniq. manual and automatic inverters, air current invertors, vacuum meter and manometers.

  • Drive Assembly: Gamak/Watt brand motor, mobbing with bonfiglioli /stm / Yilmaz reducer, this system has rising control with softstarter.
  • Transferring pump: 3K105 type Dekopump brand monopump, reducer-motor

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