Mono Pump

It conveys the obtained product from the collection tank to the running machine. Monocrystalline pumps consist of a rubber stator and a helical rotor within which it rotates, the inner helix is made of AISI 304 material. Since the contact between the rotor and the stator enables liquids to transfer in a regular and stable speed, it does not harm the characteristics of the liquid. Flow at mono pumps is provided by a mechanical gasket. The flow of the pump is proportional to the number of cycles.

Mono Pump

Mono Pump


  • Capacity 500-750 Kg/h
  • Motor power 2,2 Kw , 380 V, İnvertörlü
  • Dimensions 300x900x350 mm
  • Material Except Stator, AISI 304 Chrome Steel Stainless


Various pump groups can be used in line with company and system requests.

These can be listed as monopump, must pump, piston pump, gear pump, centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps.

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