Tube In Tube Pasteurizator

The product is fed to the units where it is heated through hot water circulating in the jackets and into the tubes. An auxiliary unit consisting of a steam/water heat exchanger produces hot water at a temperature controlled by an electronic regulator. The hot water that is obtained during the pasteurization stage is used to heat the product. After that, the product is transferred to the installation section consisting of welded tubes and bends with a suitable diameter to obtain a holding time of 15 seconds. After pasteurization and storage period, the product is transferred to hot filling, while the deviant valve determines recycling of the product to the feeding tank in case of a filling interruption or not reaching the pasteurization temperature.

Tube In Tube Pasteurizator

Tube In Tube Pasteurizator


  • Capacity : 4-8 Tons / Hour
  • Please inquire as other features are changed according to capacity.


All operations of washing, rinsing, emptying and pasteurization are automatically carried out with a manual selection

  • Pasteurizing section

Made up of stainless steel AISI 316 (contact parts) tube in tube pipes suitably designed to pasteutize the product by hot water circulation.

This section includes: water heating group with heat-exchanger, steam adjusting pneumatic valve, steam trap, pump for water circulation, and expansion tank with safety valve.

  • Holding section

Made up of stainless steel AISI316 pipes.

The number of pipes guarantees a proper holding of the product for a fixed time.

  • Recycling unit

One automatic system for pasteurizing temperature regulation and recording.

One deviating valve in caseof product stopping to the hot filling.

  • I.P. system

for the automatic clean-up of the unit composed of:

1 pneumatic diaphragm pumps for solution transfer;

1 centrifugal pump for by-pass with high delivery

pneumatic and manual valves, pressure gauges ,connecting piping.


  • Electro-pneumatic control board

Containing electro-pneumatic components and PLC:  PLC simon to control operational parameters,

Graphic operator panel with 10” colour touch screen cimon

Processing data recording,

For electric motor control and protection.

The control board is constructed:  With 24 V auxiliary circuits ,

With cubicle in stainless steel dimensions 1.000x800x300

  • Construction materials

All heat exchange surfaces in contact with product are manufactured in stainless steel TP 316 /TP 316L , whilst other parts not in contact with product, are manufactured instainless steel TP 304 . Other accessory parts are constructed with other non-oxydable  materials like: alimentary rubber, glass, Teflon, etc.

Live-steam feeding unit and overheated water unit are manufactured in stainless steel with cast iron components.

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