Turbo Breaker

It is completely manufactured of AISI 304 quality stainless steel material except for the coupling and hammer washers. Electrical motor drive is coupled to the body by coupling directly and the fast and ideal breaking (parting) process is performed. The machine operates with special design breaking hammers which work on two bearings. These rotating hammers part the product until the electrical caliber which exists under (in) the machine and so that enables easiness for the next processes. Washing system is designed as it is coupled on the machine. In order to reach the breaking system, there exists an easy-to-open cover.

Turbo Breaker

Turbo Breaker


  • Capacıty 10-15 tons/hour (tomato)
  • Dımensıons 1700x480x525 mm.
  • Weıght 270 kg.
  • Consumptıons electrıc power 11kw.


  • TURBO CRUSHER SYSTEMS provide easy processing in the machine system to be used later in the system by breaking the products coming from the product washing unit and passing them through the sieve of various diameters on the lower wall of the machine.
  • The product is broken up by specially machined and movable fins on a fixed shaft and falls into the lower product tank.
  • With its easy-open cover system, it facilitates the changing and cleaning process, and CIP washing can be done without opening the cover.

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