Turbo Extractor Pulper

Suitable for crushing tomatoes in the processing of tomato jam, fruit cream and fruit juice, it is also suitable in the tomato processing line for making concentrated juices and sauces. The hammer crusher makes the first crush then the refinery separates the peel and seeds from the mashed core. A heating system can be provided to increase the refining output.

Crushing systems are designed for the extraction and refining of tomatoes, peppers and fruits from products which are equipped with “Hot Break / Cold Break” technology. In a completely closed circuit system, the product is pressed into the system over the front section cover and the counter centrifugal motion is generated by pressing the conical wings against the walls.

The size can be easily changed according to the type of product equipped with a perforated plate (sieve). Crusher’s diameter and thickness can be changed according to the product.

The degree of compression can be adjusted by increasing/decreasing the gap between the fins and the walls while the machine is running.

Turbo Extractor Pulper

Turbo Extractor Pulper


  • Product-free juice extraction
  • low moisture content
  • Easily replaceable sieve system
  • Pressure and viscosity can be adjusted while the machine is running.
  • CIP System
  • Manufacturing in accordance with CE Standards


The group is made up of twa similar machines placed on a suitable bearing structure manufactured in stainless steel, having reapectively thi fumotion of pulper and finisher.

Each machine includes the following items:

  • St steel external eylindrical body with a truncated-conical screen inside
  • steel trancated-conical screen, stong and easy in construction
  • St steel strengthening cage suitably designed to prevent the reduction of the passage surface
  • St steel truncated-conical rotor with welded paddles designed to remove the stagnation points; besides, the shape of the paddles is such as to crente a movement of the product allowing to obtain a perfect separation between solid and liquid.
  • The adjustment of the machine is given by the rotor moving along the rototion axis, with the result to approach or to move away the paddles to the screen.

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