Vacuum Boiler

It is used to condense tomato paste in medium and small factories.

Vacuum systems that are designed to obtain product concentration are produced in single or multiple batches. It can be designed according to the user’s purpose.

  • The high pressure resistance tank with steam heating jacket operates in a completely closed system.
  • The hemispheres of the vacuum boiler were made from a single piece of metal sheet.
  • There is a mixer system with a Teflon scraper inside the boiler.
  • It is coupled with a fixed speed reducer motor that drives the mixer and contains accessories such as a vacuum gauge, safety valve, 2 observation windows and 1 lighting, and a material pull valve.
  • The boiler has a stand that can be climbed by a ladder.
  • The vacuum boiler is connected to the connecting tubes of the effective tubular system condenser group which has serial capacity and high vacuum and will be specially made of stainless steel.
  • Made of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel materials.

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Vacuum Boiler

Vacuum Boiler



In line with customer demand, RELCO instruments brand brix control devices, of which we are dealers, can be coupled to OTTOMAN BULL systems.


With an appropriate capacity pump that can be coupled to the product outlet, the product can be transferred to the pasteurization tank and/or another container.


In line with customer demand, an automation system that can control all equipment such as brix, level, vacuum, pump can be applied to OTTOMAN BULL systems.


After the workable product is taken into the machine with the vacuum system, it is processed without being exposed to high heat treatment thanks to a double-walled special production OTTOMAN® full spherical bottom. Since the product is not subjected to high heat treatment, problems such as quality, naturalness and color loss do not occur. There is a manual product pick-up bar on each machine. By measuring the Brix (Dry Matter) ratio with the sample product taken from this easy-to-open bar, it is lowered to the desired container/car through the full ball valve under the machine at the desired Brix and made ready for pasteurization. (Other download and brix control options are described in the optional section.)

During all this processing, the product inside can be monitored thanks to the special sight glasses on the machine.


All our models are manufactured with a specially designed heat exchanger type condenser to minimize water consumption, and this tube type heat exchanger system is made entirely of AISI304 material.

All LIONMAK BULL systems are manufactured with a walking platform and stairs. (Made of AISI 304 stainless steel or ST37 iron upon user request.)

Each Bull has one CIP cleaning ball.

The mixer system used in LIONMAK Bull systems is provided with food-grade Teflon scrapers. This scraper group is coupled to a stainless steel system and allows the scrapers to move. This not only does not damage the inner wall surface, but also ensures that the product is mixed more homogeneously and without damaging the product.

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