Heads Weigher Packaging Machine LİO-W1

  • Our machine is full automatic; it’s equipped with a PLC touch screen that centralizes operations and an electronic system, our machines offer
  • you ease programming and flexibility to adapt to the most demanding products and packaging films.
  • The machine contains also an automatic fault detector, if any mistake or fault, the machine will stop automatically and the error will appear on the screen.
  • Our packaging machines allow you to make various types of packaging you just need to change the formers corresponding to the desired shape. And change the option on the touch screen.
  • The machine contains also a counting system that allow you to get the number of packed bags per day.
  • Also it has pneumatic printer for dates and photocell unit for printed folio
  • We are giving an automatic feeding system with 200 Kg capacity
  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS   APPLICATION AREAS heads weigher packaging machine can be used for packaging various granule products like macaroni,biscuits , dryfruits , rice , chips, lentils, cheese products, beans,sesame , small crackers