Linear Filling and Sealing Machine LİO-LP8

  • Cup dispenser
  • Filling
  • Sealable lid
  • Heat sealing
  • Ink jet sledge coder
  • Snap on lid dispenser
  • UP / OUT
  • Rotary packing table
  • CE certificate / EU norm
  • Cup buffer – 20 min (option)
  • Filling system – piston or flow filler (option)
  • Sealable foil – alu die cut or Primoreels system with UV-C treatment (option)
  • Snap-on lid buffer – 20 min (option)
  • Hepa filter overflow cabinet (option)
  • Automatic tray/carton packer (option)
  • Vacuum cleaning and ion treatment of cups (option)
  • UV-C treatment of cups (option)
  • Pulsed Light sterilization of cups or/and foils/lids (option)
  • Central lubrication system (option)
  • Ultra clean execution (option)
  • Your requirement (option)
    APPLICATION AREAS   In-line Fill Seal machines allow the product to be packed and sealed in pre-formed trays, by sealing, Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Used for filling the packaging of products such as vinegar, water, milk , oil , ketchup , juice , detergent and liquid products compatible with the filling system used.