Rotary Filling And Sealing Machine LİO-H4

  • The machine is completely made of stainless steel 304 in conformity with international standards.
  • Rotary work system that includes filling, capping and closing with the date written at the bottom of the box
  • There is a stainless steel tank with a capacity of 500 liters attached to the lodge.
  • 4 packing houses with a productivity of 3000 packages / hour Diameter of packing box 95 mm
  • The accessory has a 3.25 inch stainless steel strap.
  • The machine operates with a PLC control system.
  • The control panel can save and reduce the speed of the machine.
  • All electrical parts used in the French Schneider brand machine
  • DELTA brand PLC panels
  • Used Turkish-made Gamak brand engines
  • Working pressure 6-8 bar
  APPLICATION AREAS   Used for filling the packaging of products such as Ayran, Yoghurt, Fruit Yoghurt, Cream, Cream Cheese, Cheese, Honey, Gel, Pudding, Margarine, Butter, etc.